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Former Real Madrid president Calderon was in his Madrid office and recalled every bit when he worked for Real Madrid.


"In Real Madrid, winning is an obligation," he said. "(Winning) is not the goal, but the obligation. During the years I was here (2006-09), whenever we win, I am not at all excited, I just feel relieved. Win a game, your ears will Clean a few days, during this period no one will criticize your work. Serving Real Madrid is a supreme responsibility, Real Madrid is a brand with extraordinary influence. I have visited ten prime ministers, two popes, I give them The gift everyone prepares is a Real Madrid jersey with number 1. They all want to take photos with this jersey without exception."

他说:“在皇家马德里,获胜是一项义务。” “(获胜)不是目标,而是义务。在我在这里的那几年(2006-09年),每当我们获胜时,我一点也不兴奋,我只是放心。赢得一场比赛,您的耳朵会清理耳朵几天之内,没有人会批评您的工作,服务皇马是至高无上的责任,皇马是一个具有非凡影响力的品牌,我拜访了十位总理,两位教皇,我给了他们每个人准备的礼物都是马德里球衣号码为1。他们所有人都想毫无例外地用这件球衣拍照。”

"Although it may seem contrived sometimes, it shows the extraordinary appeal and influence of Real Madrid. I often talk about an anecdote about Beckham. When we signed him in 2003, we chose to hold the news at 11 am The conference is to be broadcast simultaneously during prime time of evening news across Asia, where we have a large number of fans. The conference follows the process: the players say that their "children’s dream" has finally come true, and the chairman I would say that you were born to be ours. Our data shows that the press conference has become the second most followed news event in the history of global ratings, second only to the funeral of Princess Diana. Even popular stars like Beckham are aware of Now, from Manchester United to Real Madrid, this is a completely different experience."


In Spain, Real Madrid has always been regarded as a team standing on the apex of the pyramid and has a close relationship with politics. If Barcelona’s attraction to fans lies in the beautiful pass and control of football, the slogan of “not just a club” and the legendary La Masia youth training camp, then the charm of Real Madrid lies in always being the best in the world. The star incurs his subordinates. Catalonia’s "Sport" once called the rivalry between the two teams "academy vs checkbook". Former Barcelona chairman Laporta once claimed: "Real Madrid’s Mr. Golden Ball was bought, ours Mr. Jin Qiu cultivated himself."


In recent years, with the decline of La Masia youth academy, the traditional development model of Barcelona is also unsustainable. But Real Madrid is still the focus of the world and still adheres to the creed of "Only the best, only buy the best".


For the Real Madrid coach, being completely knocked down and going out is often an instant thing. Since Tosak in 1989, Real Madrid has changed 26 head coaches in 30 years. Only Bosque and Mourinho can persist in coaching for three consecutive years. Not only that, but the definition of success and failure has changed in recent years. Just one year after leading the team to win the historic tenth Champions League trophy, Ancelotti had to leave the Bernabéu. Some people’s tenure is ridiculously short: Camacho resigned after playing six games, his successor Raymond only lasted three months, and Benitez and Lopetegui in recent years have just passed. In the New Year, we will leave.


Some head coaches were dismissed just because of poor record, while others left inexplicably. Mourinho's former assistant Kalanka explained this phenomenon. He said to "The Athletic": "The harshness of Real Madrid is shown here: He dismissed get out of class shortly after I won the Champions League with Heynckes in 1998. Bosque brought two Champions League trophies to the team, two The La Liga championship trophy was then forced to leave. This is the nature of this team. You have to go all out because things often change faster than you can imagine."


Paul Clement and I found a cafe in the tree-lined town of Surrey and sat down. His thoughts returned to the first day he had just arrived at Real Madrid. Clemente was Ancelotti's assistant coach when he coached Chelsea. The two worked together happily at Stamford Bridge. When the Italian moved to Paris, Clemente also received an invitation. Both have achieved impressive results in England and France. In 2013, an invitation from Real Madrid became their biggest challenge.

保罗·克莱门特(Paul Clement)和我在绿树成荫的素里(Surrey)镇上找到了一家咖啡馆,然后坐下。他的想法回到了他刚到达皇家马德里的第一天。克莱门特执教切尔西时曾是安切洛蒂的助理教练。两人在斯坦福桥愉快地工作。当意大利人移居巴黎时,克莱门特也收到了邀请。两者在英格兰和法国均取得了骄人的成绩。 2013年,皇马的邀请成为他们最大的挑战。

Having just arrived in Madrid, they have to deal with endless team activities. Clemente said: "It really opened my eyes. For us outsiders, Real Madrid is like a kind of faith. Real Madrid is more powerful than Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain in any way. Although it can't be said about the players. The level is higher, but the depth of Real Madrid’s lineup at the time was not comparable to that of other teams. At the same time, there were more fans, more supporters, more complex social relationships, more reports, more TV broadcasts, and more. More radio broadcasts and greater pressure. Everyone is watching us, non-stop.


"Pre-season tour training, whether in Spain, other European countries, or even the United States, every airport we visit is like the Beatles. When the players show up, they will always be accompanied by the screams of countless fans. The most popular one is Ronaldo. Fans always rush to the stars over the fence, and the security personnel are in a hurry every time. When we arrived at the hotel, we found that the hotel lobby has become bustling."


He took out his cell phone and showed me a video he recorded from the team bus. It was a scene before the Real Madrid Champions League semi-final away game against Juventus in 2015. There were thousands of people on the street outside the stadium. Fans are waiting to line up for admission. "At this time you need to remind yourself," he said with a smile. "We are Real Madrid, we are too big."

他拿出手机,给我看了他在团队巴士上录制的视频。这是在2015年皇马冠军联赛半决赛客场对阵尤文图斯之前的一幕。体育场外大街上有成千上万的人。粉丝们正在排队等候入场。 “这时候你需要提醒自己,”他笑着说。 “我们是皇马,我们太大了。”

Clemente shared a story with me: “They sent a plane to pick Carlos (Ancelotti), and we flew to Madrid. At that time, there were only Carlos and his wife and me. We were all very excited. We were very excited. I first visited the Valdebevas training base and the Madrid city training base, and met the general manager Jose Angel Sánchez, who took us to the club’s other facilities. Chelsea’s training facilities are already great, but Real Madrid It is incredible. The luxury of the accommodation area is also staggering, with a total of 60 five-star standard suites. The accommodation area has two floors, where the players live on the first floor and the employees live on the second floor.

克莱门特与我分享了一个故事:“他们派飞机去接卡洛斯(安切洛蒂),然后我们飞往马德里。那时,只有卡洛斯和他的妻子以及我。我们都很兴奋。我们非常兴奋。我首先参观了Valdebevas训练基地和马德里市训练基地,并遇到了总经理Jose AngelSánchez,后者将我们带到了俱乐部的其他设施。切尔西的训练设施已经不错,但皇家马德里真是不可思议。住宿区的豪华程度也惊人,共有60套五星级标准套房。居住区有两层,其中玩家居住在第一层,员工居住在第二层。

"The management of the lodging area is outsourced to Melia Hotel, so it is no different from a five-star hotel, and the lodging area is connected to the club’s main building. The main building has all the facilities, including gym, swimming pool, Offices and so on. We each have a room. After we settled down in the city, the previous room became our dormitory during the break between the two training sessions the day before the season."


"Then they took us to the stadium and I really saw how big the Bernabeu is. First we went to the board of directors office, where there is a showroom where the Champions League trophies are stored. When we went there were nine Champions League trophies, no matter where you are. No corner of the showroom, your eyes can't escape those shining trophies, you can't ignore their existence. They didn't even show other trophies, and they wouldn't do that. They only showed the Champions League trophy there."

“然后他们带我们去了体育场,我真的看到了伯纳乌有多大。首先我们去了董事会办公室,那里有一个陈列冠军杯奖杯的陈列室。当我们去时,有九个冠军杯奖杯。 ,无论您身在何处。在展厅的角落,您的眼睛无法逃脱那些灿烂的奖杯,您无法忽略它们的存在,它们甚至没有展示其他奖杯,他们也不会那样做。在那里展示了冠军联赛奖杯。”

Ancelotti signed the contract, and then he and Clemente had lunch with team chairman Florentino. Although everything seems perfect, there are still different opinions. A former Real Madrid coach said: "Compared to other clubs, Real Madrid is like a company. I'm like working at Microsoft, not coaching a football club. What I lack there is a sense of belonging."


Even the most experienced managers can get lost here.


Tosak began coaching Real Madrid in 1989. He had previously played for Liverpool for eight years as a player, and coached Sporting Lisbon and Real Sociedad. He is also very knowledgeable. The difference is that in Real Madrid, you have to beware of all kinds of open guns and dark arrows, and the local media is extremely harsh on your own team, which is rare.

托萨克(Tosak)于1989年开始执教皇家马德里。他此前曾在利物浦(Liverpool)效力八年,并曾执教里斯本竞技(Sporting Lisbon)和皇家社会(Real Sociedad)。他也很有知识。不同之处在于,在皇家马德里,您必须提防各种敞开的枪支和深色箭头,而当地媒体对您自己的球队极为苛刻,这种情况很少见。

Tosak’s son Cameron Tosak is now the head coach of the Cyprus Paphos team. He told the "The Athletic" reporter: "It is one thing to bear pressure, but when you make a decision, face it. With questions from all sides, this is another story. When my father was coaching Real Madrid, I had visited him several times, and his every move was exposed to countless people. I remember I went to the gas station with him. Everyone who saw him asked him questions.

Tosak的儿子Cameron Tosak现在是塞浦路斯帕福斯队的总教练。他告诉《竞技报》记者:“承受压力是一回事,但是当你做出决定时,要直面它。在各方的质疑下,这篮球投注软件有哪些是另一回事。当我的父亲执教皇马时,我曾去过他几次,他的一举一动都暴露给无数人,我记得我和他一起去了加油站,每个见到他的人都向他提问。

What I just said was the lack of privacy, but now I am talking about pranks. Cameron Toshak said: "I remember one night when a radio station pretended to be a Real Madrid player Schuster calling my father. The man had a German accent, almost the same as Schuster's voice. The content of their conversation is likely to get my father into trouble, but fortunately he reacted in time. In order not to be routine, you can't have the slightest slack. In this case, it is difficult for you to concentrate on bringing good players. .

我刚才说的是缺乏隐私,但是现在我在谈论恶作剧。卡梅伦·托沙克(Cameron Toshak)说:“我记得有一个晚上,一个广播电台假装是一名皇家马德里球员舒斯特(Rust Schuster)打电话给我父亲。那人的口音与舒斯特(Schuster)的声音差不多。陷入麻烦,但幸运的是他及时做出了反应,为了不成为常规,您不能有丝毫懈怠,在这种情况下,您很难专心于引进优秀球员。

"Father is my hero, but in Madrid, I met the person I care about the most. Under tremendous pressure, I tried my best to solve the problem. Many people would say,'What the boss asked me to do for the stability of my position. I’ll do it.’ But my father is not that kind of person. Coaching Real Madrid is the ultimate challenge, the top of the pyramid in the coaching industry, but he has maintained his original aspirations and is enjoying his coaching career."


Tosak can be said to have achieved his original intention, and failure also has his original intention. When he coached the team for the first time, Tosak introduced a three-back style, which was unacceptable to many Madridians. "At first, many people thought it was an overly negative formation," Cameron said. "But my father successfully used this system. They won the La Liga championship with record-breaking league points and goals. Hugo Sanchez also won the league golden boot. Recently I read an article by the Belgian national team coach. Robert Martinez wrote an article in which he said that Cruyff changed Spanish football and also spoke highly of his father’s introduction of the new system into Spain."

托萨克可以说已经实现了他的初衷,失败也有他的初衷。当Tosak首次执教球队时,他引入了三后卫风格,这是许多马德里人所无法接受的。卡梅伦说:“起初,许多人认为这是一个过于消极的形式。” “但是我父亲成功地使用了该系统。他们以创纪录的联赛积分和进球赢得了西甲联赛冠军。雨果·桑切斯还获得了联赛金靴奖。最近,我读了比利时国家队教练的一篇文章。罗伯特·马丁内斯(Robert Martinez)写了一篇文章他说克鲁伊夫改变了西班牙足球,并高度评价了父亲将新制度引入西班牙的情况。”

However, when Tosak came to Madrid again in 1999, his persistence and stubbornness caused himself to suffer backlash. At that time, Real Madrid's state was ups and downs, but publicly criticizing the team goalkeeper Bi Zari became the last straw to crush the camels. Afterwards, Tosak not only refused to apologize, but also said that the probability of admitting a mistake was lower than the probability of "a pig flying over the Bernabéu Stadium." Cameron said: "The relationship between my father and the outside world was very tense when he coached Real Madrid for the second time. This may be due to a misunderstanding. When translating, the word "pig" was deliberately erased, but he still refused to apologize. Whether he regrets it, then you have to ask himself.


"People think he is too stupid to do that, they will call you a daredevil. They will say,'You are the Real Madrid coach, just admit a mistake and lead the team to win the Champions League.' But that's not his style. The main reason for his success. He has high demands on himself and everyone around him. But I think he should add the title of the Champions League title coach to his resume. This is completely achievable. Father left. Later, Bosque entered the host team. He won the Champions League with the same players, very similar system and style of play."


Former chairman Calderon recalled: “Capello once told me that he could not handle the team’s affairs because the responsibility was too heavy. Schuster told me five days before the away game at Barcelona that we could not Defeating Barcelona. As Real Madrid coach, you can’t say this. The fans are very angry, which directly led to his departure. This kind of thing is very common, because you can’t fire 24 players, you can only send away the coach ."


This shows that the image of a head coach in front of the camera is very important, and in some cases, very important.


Real Madrid's expectations of the coach are very elusive. After all, even the coach who just led the team to win the Champions League or La Liga championship may be fired within a year. Under such extreme circumstances, how should the coach arrange his daily work?


The most successful head coaches in today's international football have shown a strong desire for control. They have high demands on players and often make three-year plans. Just like Guardiola, Simeone, Conte, Pochettino and Klopp, they have many similarities in terms of team management: unquestionable, tough, and never compromise. Therefore, these people are not suitable for the position of Real Madrid coach.


Facts have also proved that those who can serve as Real Madrid coaches or those who are favored by Real Madrid for a long time are not such strong managers. Calderon said: "Bosque, Ancelotti and Zidane are all Can be called "psychological masters." I did not question their management ability. After all, the three of them have brought a total of six Champions League trophies to Real Madrid. However, when we study their coaching methods, we can find that it is just watching It seems that the loose human culture management made them succeed in Real Madrid.


According to a staff member who had assisted a former Real Madrid coach: “He failed because he wanted to create an atmosphere of “I brought victory” in the team. He wanted everyone to understand his system. I want everyone to recognize that the team wins by him, not because of how good the players are. This is not feasible in Real Madrid."


There is a theory that has been proven by many people, that is, if you want to succeed in Real Madrid's handsome position, you'd better be a Real Madrid person with a strong roots. We know from Solskjaer and Lampard's sense of identity with their respective teams. Many people scoff at this theory, but in Madrid, this is a very important criterion. Bosque served in Real Madrid B team for many years and served as interim coach many times; Zidane played for Real Madrid as a player, then became Ancelotti’s assistant, and also has experience in coaching Real Madrid B team. All three of them are masters in dealing with interpersonal relationships. Of course, you don’t have Real Madrid descent to control the team. Benitez was once the head of the Real Madrid youth team. Lopetegui served as a scout for Real Madrid for many years, but the two of them did not even have a full season. Can hold on.


In this regard, Calderon said: "Bosque and Zidane know how to manage the locker room. Zidane was a superstar and the players respect him. Some coaches want to say one thing in the locker room, just like Mourini. O and Benitez, but Bosque and Zidane are completely different. They don’t mind delegating power to the players and retreating behind the scenes, letting the players become the protagonists. What makes the stars happy is a science, because Not everyone is a main player. You need to develop tactics for the game, but first you need to be familiar with psychology. Bosque and Zidane are really outstanding in this regard."


Ancelotti wrote in his autobiography "Silent Leadership": "When I first came to Real Madrid, my most important job was to appease the dressing room after Mourinho left. The hearts of the players are floating, I have to hurry. Build relationships with core players."


Clemente recalled: "Carlo is low-key and humble. He knows how to communicate with players. I have never seen him turn his face with a player. He will show a tough side when needed to stabilize the situation. , And then inspire the best side of the player. He is not a good old man, but he has never had trouble with anyone. Knowing that respect for others is his virtue, which also makes his job easier-this ability can be Not everyone has it. When he was about to leave Real Madrid, the leaders of the locker room expressed their disappointment. Ramos even publicly protested against the team’s firing of Ancelotti, as did Ronaldo."


Where is the hardest part? The Real Madrid coach needs to establish authority on the one hand, but at the same time must accept the habits and traditions of the Real Madrid dressing room. In the football world, we can often see the team fire a head coach with a gentle personality and replace it with a head coach with personality. This is very contradictory. In the history of Real Madrid, this kind of thing happened many times. Ancelotti was replaced by the tactical and disciplined Benitez, and Florentino's match with Ancelotti was largely to make The Italians bridged the atmosphere of the dressing room that had been rattled by Mourinho.


"This is the complexity of Real Madrid," said a former Real Madrid assistant who asked not to be named, who once assisted a head coach trying to dominate the locker room. "The problem is that the players who can come to Real Madrid are the best players. They can win 80% of the games without any coach, but the remaining 20% ​​of the games I call them'reverse' games— —There are two consequences. Players may resist you, and the team's record may also improve by leaps and bounds. The key question that causes two consequences is whether a coach has a competition incentive system during his tenure, or what is it? Don't do it, wait until the game arrives and then make temporary plans.

一位不愿透露姓名的前皇家马德里助理说:“这就是皇家马德里的复杂性。他曾经协助主教练试图控制更衣室。 “问题在于,能够来到皇马的球员是最好的球员。他们可以在没有任何教练的情况下赢得80%的比赛,但是剩下的20%我称之为反向比赛-那里有两个后果:球员可能会抵制你,球队的战绩也会突飞猛进;导致两个后果的关键问题是教练在任职期间是否具有竞争激励制度,或者它是什么?等待游戏到来,然后制定临时计划。

"The coaches who left from Real Madrid all have one thing in common-they give players too much freedom, both on and off the court. The idea of ​​the former coach is to be happy football, be yourself, and let the players on the court completely. Play freely without asking them to do things they don’t want to do. Then Real Madrid approached us and asked us to intervene in the management of the team in all aspects, such as player diet, daily training and tactical arrangements. In Real Madrid, this is the problem. You must always pay attention to what you say and the way you speak. It is not so much that the players are under your command, it is better to say that you are controlled by them.


"Finally, let's be straightforward. When the team owner or executive gets close to the players, the problem is often more difficult."