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篮球投注软件有哪些:本季中超中甲赛场上港小将身影增多 积累才能成熟

   With the local new crown epidemic basically under control, the restart of the Chinese Professional Football League this season can be regarded as quite smooth and successful. Today, the Chinese Super League is about to start the second stage of the battle between the championship and relegation groups, and the first stage of the Chinese League is nearing its end.


   It is worth noting that in this year's Super League and the Chinese Premier League, there are more SIPG youth athletes. For example, Wei Zhen and Chen Binbin, who have stable playing time in SIPG; Hu Jinghang, who has scored three goals and loaned to Wuhan Zall; 16-year-old Jia Boyan, who has set the record for the youngest appearance in the Shanghai SIPG; Shi Xiaodong, Wei Lai, Huang Zhenfei, Li Shenyuan...

值得注意的是,在今年的超级联赛和中国超级联赛中,SIPG的青年运动员有所增加。例如,在SIPG中稳定上场时间的魏震和陈斌斌;已打进三球并借给武汉扎尔的胡静航; 16岁的贾伯彦(Jia Boyan)创下了上海SIPG最年轻的身姿;史晓东,魏来,黄振飞,李慎远...

   These young players have also obtained valuable training opportunities and growth opportunities through more actual competitions.


   Only with accumulation of competition can we mature


   In the first stage of the Chinese Super League, the U 23 player with the most appearances and the longest time for SIPG was central defender Wei Zhen. In the 14 rounds, Wei Zhen played 11 games and was a member of the starting lineup 8 times. He averaged 73 minutes per game. He became the first U23 player of coach Pereira in the formation. .

在中国超级联赛的第一阶段,出现最多,最长的SIPG U 23球员是中央后卫魏震。在第14轮中,魏震出战11场比赛,并且是首发阵容的8次成员。他平均每场比赛73分钟。他成为该队第一位佩雷拉教练的U23球员。 。

Being able to hand over such an important position as the main central defender to the U 23 players, among the 16 teams in the Super League this season, with Shanghai Greenland Shenhua’s Zhu Chenjie faded out of the starting list, now only Shanghai SIPG and Chongqing Dangdai (U 23 Zhongwei Yang Shuai).

在本赛季中超联赛的16支球队中,能够将重要的中后卫位置交给U 23球员,而上海格陵兰申花队的朱晨杰则退出了榜首,现在只有上海SIPG和重庆当代(U 23中卫杨帅)。

   With enough accumulation of competitions, Wei Zhen's performance has become more and more mature. Especially in the past most of the time he could only get the chance to play when the team adopted the three-back system. Now he has been the starting center-back in the four-back system. This change started in the team's first cycle and Beijing Guoan's second half. Since then, in addition to the final round of the team because they have already made a big rotation in advance, Wei Zhen has started 6 out of 7 games. He is one of the team's two main central defenders and played 5 times.


   Another U23 player of SIPG, Chen Binbin, played 10 times, from the left wing, to the left wing back, the left back to the right wing, and he also got ample training.

SIPG的另一位U23球员Chen Binbin从左翼到左翼,从左翼回到右翼,都进行了10次比赛,而且他也得到了充分的训练。

   Wei Zhen and Chen Binbin’s teammates Hu Jinghang, who were on the National Games champion team, were loaned to the Chinese Super League Wuhan Zall this season. He also got more opportunities to regain the feeling and state of the "Best Rookie in the Super League" three years ago. In the first stage, he scored 3 goals for the team with 9 appearances and 7 starts, which has tied his league's single-season scoring record.


   These players who will no longer enjoy the U23 policy next year or the year after, what is most needed at present is to accumulate enough games to mature as soon as possible, so as to cope with the more brutal competition in the future.


   The number of players rented out by the club is in double figures


   is also taking into account the young players who want to serve the club, especially those players who are not in the first team plan for the time being, can have the opportunity to play, continue to improve themselves and maintain their form. Before the start of the new season, SIPG has officially announced the rent of 10 U23 players to other teams to level up.


   Except for Hu Jinghang, who is loaned to Wuhan Zall, the remaining young players are loaned to the Chinese clubs that are more likely to get games.


   Judging from the first stage of the Chinese Premier League, the hired players of SIPG have indeed got real opportunities for training.


   Goalkeeper Shi Xiaodong directly became the main force of Nantong Zhiyun. Before encountering the super hot Changchun Yatai, the 22-year-old goalkeeper who had just ushered in his first professional game a month ago only conceded 3 goals in the first 7 games. The 0:4 loss to Changchun Yatai was also an exercise for Shi Xiaodong.


   Like Shi Xiaodong, the main force in Nantong Zhiyun is also the starting left-back Wei Lai. Another midfielder from SIPG, Zhang Huachen, also played 7 times in 9 rounds and started 5 times.


   Although Inner Mongolia Zhongyou is at the bottom of the group, the forward Huang Zhenfei on loan from SIPG, the midfielder Zhou Zheng, and right back Li Shenyuan are basically part of the team's main lineup. Central defender Zhu Jiayi has also started 4 times. Among them, the 21-year-old Huang Zhenfei also ushered in the first goal of his career in the Chinese Premier League. It was Li Shenyuan who was loaned to the team from SIPG to assist him.


Although most of SIPG’s rented players are in the second-tier leagues, compared to the previous leagues that lacked attention and competition, the level of China League One is definitely higher, and the value of exercise is also higher. Bigger.


   For young players, of course, the more games they can play, the better. Such renting also gives them a stage to show their abilities and potential. Those who perform well may be promoted to SIPG's first team in the future; even if there is no chance in SIPG Club, they can lay a good foundation for the future.


   broaden the horizons of younger players


   Speaking of SIPG's young players competing in this year's professional league, Jia Boyan, who has created the club's youngest appearance record in the Super League, of course cannot fail to mention.


   A year ago, Jia Boyan was just a youth player of SIPG U16. Born on November 30, 2003, he played as a substitute in the 8th round of the first period in the game between SIPG and Tianjin TEDA. On the day of the game, Jia Boyan was 16 years and 275 days old, ranking third in the history of the Super League, and is also the youngest player among the 16 teams in the first stage of the Super League this year.

一年前,贾伯彦只是SIPG U16的青年球员。生于2003年11月30日,他在SIPG和天津泰达之间的比赛的第一节第8轮中担任替补。比赛当天,贾伯彦年仅16岁零275天,在中超联赛历史上排名第三,也是今年中超联赛第一阶段16支球队中最年轻的球员。

From the perspective of lineup and tactics, players like Jia Boyan with age and qualifications are not necessary for SIPG's first team; but from the perspective of young player growth, let Jia Boyan, who is only 16 years old, train with the first team and compete in the Super League together. It's an experience on the field, and the meaning is different.


"The head coach didn't tell me before the game that he would let me play. I have been on the roster in the previous games. I thought about the chances, so I was always ready. When I was really asked to play, I was very nervous. Yes, it’s a bit embarrassing.” Although there are only a dozen minutes of playing time, it is already a very valuable gain in Jia Boyan’s view. “The net time is about five to six minutes. I suddenly played and I didn’t have time to adapt. Later I watched it. The playback of the game, I feel that I am still far from the others on the court. The pace of the game is really fast, which is very difficult for me; but it also broadens my vision a lot, which is completely different from sitting on the court. "


  From the youth echelon to the first team, in Jia Boyan's words, the difficulty increases all at once. There are many areas to adapt, including the intensity of confrontation and fast pace in training.


Of course, even if the first team has very few opportunities to actually play on the field, training alone is enough for Jia Boyan to learn a lot. "Step into the world of the adult team early and see a higher level of football. Learn how top players play. , It is also very convenient to ask for advice. The foreign aid and the big brothers in the team treat me very well, trust me in training, are also very tolerant and willing to help me. When I make mistakes, everyone is more encouraging me , I am really grateful to them. I am also grateful to the head coach for giving me the opportunity to train and play in the first team, and to feel different things."

当然,即使一线队只有很少的机会实际参加比赛,但只要训练就足以让贾伯彦学到很多东西。 “提早进入成年队的世界,看到更高水平的足球。了解顶尖球员的比赛方式。,寻求建议也非常方便。外援和队中的兄弟对我很好,在训练中相信我,也很宽容,乐于帮助我,当我犯错时,每个人都在鼓励我,我真的很感谢他们,也感谢主教练给了我训练和比赛的机会在一线队中,感受不同的事物。”

As for the pressure that comes after becoming the focus of attention of the outside world, Jia Boyan said that he actually doesn’t feel any pressure. “I don’t pay much attention to these things. Lost yourself by the words of others."

至于成为外界关注焦点之后的压力,贾伯彦说,他实际上没有任何压力。 “我对这些事情不太关注。被别人的话迷住了。”

As the Chinese Super League enters the second stage of the championship competition, Jia Boyan also knows that the most important thing at this stage is to work harder and harder in training. "It is really difficult to get a chance to play again. I will take daily training seriously. If you have a chance, you will definitely work hard, and you will not be discouraged if you have no chance."

随着中国超级联赛进入冠军争夺战的第二阶段,贾伯彦也知道,在这一阶段最重要的事情就是越来越努力地训练。 “真的很难再有机会参加比赛了。我会认真对待日常训练。如果有机会,你肯定会努力工作,如果没有机会,你不会灰心。”

   The ability of Jia Boyan to enter the first team is not only an encouragement to him, but also an encouragement to all SIPG youth players.


Source: Morning News Author: Yu Jiong